Around 90% of all new cars sold in the UK now have air conditioning or climate control systems.

Your car air conditioning system loses up to 15% of its refrigerant each year. A poorly performing air conditioning system can cause a build up of fungus, bacteria and other microbes growing inside the evaporator core causing smell, sometimes an allergic reaction and can even lead to legionnaires disease.

Most systems should be checked and re-charged with refrigerant gas every 18 months or in accordance with your car manufacturer’s service guide. Our air conditioning service includes a vacuum test to prove that system components, pipe-work and seals are in satisfactory condition and we install an ultra violet sensitive leak dye when we re-fill your system so it is easier to detect leaks in the future.

We can also change pollen filters and disinfect your system to kill off those nasty smells that develop due to the breeding of harmful bacteria in the damp environment around the air conditioning evaporator. Your air conditioning should be run at least once a week, even in the winter. This helps to stop leaks developing and keeps your system working for longer. A poor air conditioning system can increase your fuel costs as the air conditioning pump needs to work harder.


A cambelt or timing belt change is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your car, if you neglect it you could end up needing a new engine.

Most car manufacturers recommend that the cambelt is changed between every 60,000 to 80,000 miles or 4/5 years depending on engine type.

Your service manual will tell you the correct mileage for your cambelt change, or better still give us a quick call or email your query and we will let you know straight away.

FAULT FINDING & DIAGNOSTIC The technician of today is faced with increasing technology and complexity every time he repairs or services a customer's car. It is not unusual to find even a mid-range car with around 10 computers or control units, these computers control the Engine, ABS, Traction Control, Climate Control, Instrument Cluster, lights and many more. It is more important than ever for a technician to make a fast accurate diagnosis.

At GDT we use the latest main dealer equipment to diagnose any faults which may occur. Our diagnostic equipment is the very latest release from the VW Group with monthly updates for Audi, SEAT, VW and Skoda, you can be sure the best care is being afforded to your vehicle.

A full diagnostic check and comprehensive engine tuning can not only prolong the life of your engine, but also improve your engine performance and make it more economical to run. It is far cheaper to prevent problems from happening with your car engine than to repair them once they have happened If you see any of the following symbols lit on your dashboard, contact us immediately for advice and a diagnostic test.

DIESEL/ENGINE MANAGEMENT We can trace, diagnose and rectify faults on most engine management systems. Petrol and diesel. Program/configure VAG ECU's. Read fault codes/clear fault codes.
ABS/TRACTION CONTROL We can diagnose faults and reset the ABS systems. (Program Steering Angle Sensors after replacement. Program/configure ECU's VAG only.
ELECTRONIC POWER STEERING We can read, erase fault codes and can replace and re-programme all VAG vehicles
STEERING ANGLE SENSOR Working in partnership with the ABS system, the steering angle sensor is mounted behind the steering wheel. In most vehicles the sensor is integral of contact ring. This will require calibration if removed or replaced.

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